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The many faces of Nate James

Out of Love: Leave You Alone

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and that’s the way it is
ever since we were kids but now
now we’ve got something to prove

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

"So, let’s talk about your Mchotty ex-girlfriend"
“Yeah, let’s not”
“What? Sensitive subject?”
“Yes, now can we move on?”
“Were you, like, in love with her or something? Wait…are you still in love with her?”
“Didn’t I just ask you to change the subject?”
“Nate, if you love her, you should go get her and all that. Don’t sit around here and wait for her to come running to you”
“It’s kind of too late for that, though”

Nate: “You’re still super pretty…”
Arabella: “And you’re drunk as hell”
Nate: “Mhm, Blaine’s fault”
Arabella: “Well, I’m just going to call him or Harper or anyone to get you out of here”
Nate: “I can make it back to my dorm on my own…”
Arabella: “More like get yourself killed. I mean, look at you!”
Nate: “So you still care, baby?”
Arabella: “Shut up, Nathaniel!”
Nate: “Oh you’re so cute when you call me that”

Blaine: “You know what? We’re going out tonight and you, sir, are going to have fun because I can’t stand seeing you brooding for one more second. You can’t spend all of your time studying and brooding, that’s not healthy.”
Nate: “You’re annoying.”
Blaine: “But you still love me.”
Nate: “Did I mention you’re annoying? Oh, and you’re not taking me to a gay bar.”
Blaine: “Well, not for now…”
Nate: “Not for ever, gel galore.”